Bicycle Agenda 2017-2020

5. Targeted promotion of cycling

Better cycling infrastructure, safer bicycles, and good bicycle parking. They all contribute to the promotion of bicycle use, but there is still much more to gain by investing in promotion of cycling, by aiming at specific target groups.


  • Make bikes available to children and lower income groups, and join the SoZa agreement, projects by ANWB and National Children’s Fund.
  • The 32 largest municipalities join together (with the help of civil society organisations) to establish a working bicycle incentive for children, women, and the elderly to exchange experience and knowledge. Cooperation between the parties shall be established and cases developed. Effective bicycle promotion projects are compiled and coordinated nationwide.
  • Professional development and development of bicycle lessons for people with an immigration background and the elderly.
  • Encourage cities to provide cycling lessons to people with an immigration background and the elderly.
  • Municipal health care (GGD’s) and welfare organisations encourage and provide a suitable place for the bike in their exercise programs.
  • Encourage municipalities to set as many tricycles available instead of mobility scooters.
  • A requests for the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports (VWS) under the Prevention Coalition to promote daily cycling as one of the joint actions to be supported.
  • Encourage municipalities and health insurance companies to include cycling in prevention programs for high-risk groups in the district. For this, VWS has recently reserved € 22 million.
  • Develop, along with health insurance and health & safety services, actions and (financial) incentives to encourage bicycle use.
  • Obtain a pilot / pledge with a health insurance company and / or Health & Safety Service under the Health Programme ‘Everything is health’.
  • Research motivators and barriers for employers to encourage bicycle use by employees.
  • Further research into the health effects of bicycle commuters.
  • Explore how financial / fiscal constraints can be improved to encourage / reward of bicycle use by employees.
  • Target employers to encourage bicycle use by employees: promotional campaign aimed at employers.